June, July and August Spa Price Breaks

Spa Therapies are especially effective when they are received regularly. One massage feels GREAT, 3 massages, received within weeks, can rectify a nagging ache that has been there for months. One Facial makes your skin cleaner, wake up and glow. But 3 Facials within a short period will create a longer lasting change. With the Summer Slowdown we think this is a great time for you to see this concept work! We are offering the following price breaks. Buy them NOW. Must be used by August 31st, 2017. Whatever sessions remain at that time turns into the dollar value.

3 One Hour Massages $150.00 (Save $120.00)

3 One Hour Facials  $150.00 (Save $105.00)

3 Express Manicures and Pedicures $150.00 (Save $90.00)

3 Circadia Swich Treatments $300.00 (Save $300.00)

Summertime Specials can be scheduled Monday thur Thursday ONLY. May get more than one! Gratuity is not included in the price. Purchase your Summertime Spa Breaks Now at https://kaffeesspa.boomtime.com/lgift

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