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Finding ME Time


Making more ME time. This is one of the goals we have for 2016. Taking time to take care of ourselves. One way is to spend some quite time and we can’t think of a better place to be quite and relax other than a bubble bath.

We are also trying to make sure that we are taking care of our bodies. Rather than using a store bought bubble bath, we have found that making our own ensures that we know what is coming in contact with our skin. We like the smell of honey and vanilla so we found this recipe that we will have to try.


½ cup light almond oil

¼ cup honey

½ cup mild liquid hand or body soap (Dr. Bronner’s is a suggestion)

1 egg white1

tablespoon vanilla extract

Keep the remaining in the refrigerator until your next soak.


Pedicures are a top pick for me time. KAFFEE’S GARDEN SPA has  added a new dimension to their pedicure experience with the choice of 3 new foot soaks from Farmhouse Fresh.There are two salt with botanical blends and a milk bath soak to choose from. They all have softening and moisturizing benefits but most importantly the aromas are so exquisite. Their pedicure room is an aromatic delight. Heavenly! We are booking an appointment today.


Me time. We need it. It keeps our motor running for this busy time of year. Make time for yourself, it’s important.

Photo Credit {FarmFresh, Prettydesigns.com, purewow.com, frontgate.com}

Thanks to http://palmbeach.florida.thescoutguide.com/post/136881721145/me-time for this beautiful write up on January 8,2016


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Aromatherapy & Wellness

Aromatherapy has been gaining in popularity as more of us choose to be more proactive about our healthcare. How rewarding and empowering it is to use a self created essential oil blend to conquer your sleepless nights rather than rely on a prescription medicine that may cause unwanted side effects. Last night after a busy day at the Spa, feeling exhausted, I had a craving for the smell of Rose. Shortly after applying a drop of Rose Essential Oil in a carrier and putting my feet up I felt relieved! We are so pleased to have the opportunity to host Cristina from Aromandina, with her wealth of experience and knowledge, to introduce the science of using Aromatherapy to increase Wellnness. If you would like to post questions for Cristina please feel free.

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